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Cash For Gold

Cash For Gold | The Jewelers Bench - Little Rock, AR

Over the years, you might have accrued many items made of gold that you don’t want or need anymore. Jewelry is often made of gold, and you might have pieces that you don’t wear anymore or that no longer fit your sense of style. You might also have old coins or other items that serve no purpose to you other than collecting dust. If this is the case and you’re looking for a fast way to make some great cash, you can sell these items at a location that offers cash for gold.

Many people these days are making money selling gold items. Gold is often an expensive material to find, so gold dealers, jewelers, and manufacturers that make items from gold pay incredible amounts of money for the gold jewelry and gold items that customers bring in. If you have a collection of items made from gold that you don’t have any use for, you could get hundreds or even thousands of dollars for them by bringing them to a company that pays cash for gold.

At The Jewelers Bench in Little Rock, AR we work in custom jewelry and deal with gold items all the time that we can either use for our own products or provide for other companies. We are family owned and operated, so unlike large gold buyers and dealers that want to make as much profit as possible, we handle your gold on an equal level, and the money we offer is always a fair deal.

If you want cash for gold, don’t wait another minute! Bring your unwanted gold items to The Jewelers Bench. We guarantee a great price for any gold items you want to sell. If you have any questions about our cash for gold service, give us a call or stop by today!